Ponchos In A Pinch: 5 Quick 'N' Easy Ideas For An Emergency Rain Jacket

Whether you don't have a car to get to the store, or you just need something quick, knowing a few emergency poncho ideas is always helpful. Below are 5 ideas for a quick cover up – and you are bound to have at least one of these items at home already!

1. Toddler's Towel

If your child just needs to walk around the block to a friend's house, this is one idea for staying dry long enough to get there. A hooded towel doesn't require any extra tampering – it's all set and ready to go! Just tell your kid to hold it closed in the front and staying dry won't be a problem.

2. Mommy's Muumuu

Any loose skirt will do the trick with this quick fix. Especially if it has an elastic or drawstring waistband. Simply toss your skirt over your child's head and secure it at the shoulders. Simple right? Now you just need to find a hat or something to cover up that cute kid's hair before heading out the door.

3. Apron Apparel

If you cut hair, a beautician's cape can double as a rain poncho. They are thick and repellent – just perfect for playing outside on a rainy day! If the covering is full-sized, however, you might need to pin it up a bit or risk some mud when your child comes inside.

4. Cutout Curtain

Only do this one if you have an old curtain you keep around "just in case" you ever need it. When it comes to a rain emergency, you can put it to use! Take an old curtain and cut out a hole just large enough for your child's head. Then trim it down to size. Use any excess curtain to make a bandana to keep your little one's head dry and they're good to go!

5. Spandex Shield

If you or your child has spandex clothes, these are also natural repellents. Have your youngster wear them alone or put them over existing clothes. The nice thing about spandex clothing is that they retain heat, so you shouldn't have to worry about your child getting too cold with just a few layers on.

Obviously, these ideas are great for an emergency situation, but not ideal as long-term solutions. Knowing you have a homemade poncho in a pinch can relieve your immediate stress, though. So give one of these a shot until you can get your child to the store for a new rain jacket!