Toss The Granny Swimsuit: Buying A More Flattering Bathing Suit For Your Plus Size Body

If you would like to purchase a new swimsuit this year that is more flattering for your plus size body, then you have come to the right place! No more ugly black bathing suits with skirts for you. This summer you will be looking good and feeling confident in your swimwear.

Exchange your old unflattering granny suit this summer with one of these much more flattering styles:

Flattering Colors Without Loud Patterns or Stripes

When it comes to purchasing a plus size swimsuit, leave the stripes on flags where they belong. Vertical or horizontal, thin or wide, stripes just aren't ever a flattering look on plus size bodies. Verticle stripes make you look like you are wearing prison attire, and horizontal stripes make you look rounder than you actually are.

Quite honestly, loud patterns in bright colors aren't attractive either. Unless you want to look like a large potted plant, leave the bright floral fabric patterns for couches and draperies where they belong.

By choosing a swimsuit in a pretty solid color, or with a smaller pattern, you will achieve a much more appealing look. 

High Leg Cuts and Low Necklines

If you are a tall woman, then you can wear a swimsuit well that has high leg cuts on the sides and a low neckline. This style of swimsuit will help to draw people's eyes to your long legs and neck, and it will also draw their gaze away from your midsection. If you are a shorter lady, then a high leg cut and plunging neckline can help you to appear taller and thinner.

Control Panel and Underwire Bras

If you are larger chested or have a tummy bulge, then a swimsuit with a control panel and underwire bra will help to keep things in place. The control panel will help keep your abdominal area looking solid. The underwire bra section will keep your breasts from sagging down around your midsection. People tend to notice things that are visually distracting, and sagging breasts that are out of place do draw unwanted attention.


Now that you know which swimsuits will look the most flattering on your plus size body, you can shop for this year's bathing suit with comfort and confidence. If you need assistance picking out a flattering swimsuit when you are out shopping, ask the salesperson at your local plus size boutiques for assistance. Most importantly, please toss that ugly skirted suit and buy one that you actually like!