Tired Of Giving Gift Cards? Do-It-Yourself Baby Shower Gift Baskets Are The Perfect Solution

Are you tired of resorting to gift cards when you're invited to a baby shower? While gift cards are practical and easy gifts, they are rather boring and lack creativity.

There's just something rewarding about showing up at a shower or party with a gift that you selected personally. The recipient of the gift will be touched knowing you took the time to select something meaningful.

Do-it-yourself gift baskets make great baby shower gifts. Not only will you have fun filling them with a variety of goodies, your gift will remembered long after all the gift cards are spent.

Choose a basket

Depending on your budget, you may want to choose a small or large basket. A small basket with just a few items such as lotion, powder, and a baby toy is inexpensive and will still look elegant when dressed up with a bow and clear basket wrap.

Be creative and choose items that will serve double duty. A baby bathtub, laundry basket, or small trash can will hold plenty of items and can later be used in the nursery.  

You can select a large plastic dump truck to fill with goodies for a boy-themed party or a pink buggy to fill with girl items. The toys can be put aside for when the child gets older.

Fill it up

Baby wipes, lotions, powders, sippy cups, spoons, small photo albums, onesies, jars of baby food, teething rings, small toys, and baby shampoo are traditional gift basket items.

You can also add coupons for a free night of babysitting or a free meal that you will prepare and deliver to the family. New parents are busy, and fixing a meal is a gift that is always appreciated.

You could also prepare a few freezer meals and take pictures of the meals before you freeze them. Include thawing and cooking instructions with the photo and deliver the meals, spaced out over the course of a month or so, to the family.

Add something unique and personal

For a special touch, add a cool baby t-shirt. You can have shirts personalized to say whatever you want. Moms and dads love seeing their little ones dressed up in cute outfits. A personalized t-shirt is a fun way for parents to show off their professions or to brag about their little ones.

For instance, if dad loves airplanes, you could personalize a baby boy's shirt to say "daddy's little wingman." If mom loves gardening, you could have the shirt printed to say "future gardener."

Finishing touches

While not necessary, enclosing the basket with cellophane wrap adds a professional touch. You can purchase plastic wrap from most department and craft stores at reasonable cost.

Simply place the basket on the wrap and pull the wrap up at the center and gather. Secure with some ribbon, and add a bow for the perfect finishing touch.

When you arrive at the party with your unique gift basket, you will feel better knowing you took the time to make a special gift for the new baby. The new parents will be delighted by your thoughtfulness, and your gift will continue to be enjoyed long after the party is over.