4 Ways To Wear High Heels Comfortably

Wearing higher heels is a method that many women use in order to look taller and more imposing. Wearing higher heels can also make a woman feel more confident. However, if you start wearing high heels for extended periods of time and aren't used to the height, the entire process can be very uncomfortable. Follow these four tips to help you wear these shoes more comfortably.

1. Make Sure That Your Toes Have Space

The first thing that you have to do is ensure that whatever high heels you do own have ample space for your toes. There should be enough space between your toes and the end of the shoe in order to make sure that you don't accidentally put too much pressure on your toes. If you do put a lot of pressure on your toes, you could inadvertently cause the nerves to thicken between your toes and cause pain throughout your foot, a phenomena called Morton's neuroma. Even consider wearing high heels with a boxier front to make sure that your toes have enough space.

2. Try Tapping Your Toes

If you wear high heels every day for years, you can cause your Achilles tendon to shorten, which will cause you to be in pain more frequently. To offset this, try building strength in your legs throughout the day. One easy way to do this that doesn't require a gym membership is to constantly tap your toes against the ground, or at least try to tap your toes fifty times at least three times a day.

3. Stick to Shoes Without a Steep Slope

Many of the biological problems that result from high heels is due to their high slope. If you are uncomfortable with the slope, consider choosing platform shoes. Platform shoes or sandals allow you to gain the same height that you need to look professional at your job or gain more confidence, without forcing you to deal with the slope. Another option is to choose heels that are slightly lower.

4. Stretch Regularly While Wearing Heels

Finally, regardless of the slope of the heel that you're wearing, make sure that you stretch regularly by rising onto the balls of your feet and then lowering back down. Continue doing this for a minute at a time. Try to do this at least once an hour while you are wearing heels.

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