Daddy-Daughter Outfit Ideas For Halloween

If you're a dad hoping to find coordinating Halloween costumes for you and your daughter to enjoy together, you might be in for a challenge. When "mommy and me" outfits are easy to find, it can be frustrating for dads who also want to connect with their daughter by matching. Here are some ideas that can help you to make some great daddy-daughter combos.

1. Match character themes.

Instead of dressing exactly alike, try pairing with your daughter by following the costumes of famous characters. For example, try following a fairytale theme: you could be Hook and she could be Wendy, or you could be the wolf while she's dressed as Red Riding Hood. For example, a boutique old-fashioned white nightdress would perfectly match a Wendy costume for a Peter Pan theme. Other character themes include Boo and Sully from Monster's Inc. or even Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. You can easily find themed clothes to build character costumes at a local girls clothing boutique. 

2. Emulate real father and daughter pairs.

Nobody can mistake the special relationship of fathers and daughters. You might try looking for examples of this relationship and building your costumes from the inspiration. In Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Belle is devoted to her father. Your daughter might love dressing up like princess Belle, while you enjoy the zany role of her father. Other famous father and daughter duos might be Mr. Incredible and Violet, Vader and Leia, Triton and Ariel, Atticus Finch and Scout, Charles Ingalls and Laura, or even George and Annie from Father of the Bride. 

3. Classic Pairings.

You can bring out the fun in your relationship by moving away from characters and opting for a nod to familiar pop culture and pairings. For example, you could dress your daughter as the sun, and you could be a covered in cotton "clouds". Consider bringing a portable speaker to have The Temptations' My Girl — "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day" — playing for passersby. Other clever pairings that indicate the father daughter relationship might be Dad as a monkey with daughter as a banana (or vice versa). 

With a little ingenuity, some shopping, and a lot of laughs, you'll make a great costume together. For more great dress-up ideas and resources to use for costumes and other daddy-daughter dress up needs, visit a girls clothing boutique in your area.