Personalized Christmas Cards 101: 4 Tips For Taking A Perfect Photo For Your Cards

Christmas is a holiday of traditions. One of the most widely-held traditions that's practiced by families all over is the act of gathering together as a family to take the Christmas card photo. If you've taken family Christmas photos before, you know it never goes quite the way you think it's going to. Unless you have a professional photographer in the family, getting a perfect photo that everyone can agree on can seem like an impossible feat. Fortunately, though, it can be done, and you don't need to be a photographer to capture a beautiful picture. Just follow these tips. 


The wardrobe you pick out for you and your family is vital. While picking out Christmas clothes for yourself, your spouse, and your children be sure to stick to classic pieces that don't have a lot of colors, patterns, or designs on them. Clothes with flashy designs can clash with one another and/or make your beautiful faces recede into the background. You should also avoid white outfits as they can wash you out. Choose bright, solid-colored outfits that complement one another, and don't go for prints. Contact a professional like Jennifer Connell for more ideas.


You don't have to get too creative when it comes to selecting a background for your photo. Most families take their picture while positioned in front of the Christmas tree or decorated fireplace. Since you will likely be taking your picture before the holiday season, you may have to set the stage a bit prematurely. Select a background that's not too busy. If you have too many focal points in the background, you will not stand out. 


The right pose means the difference between loving your picture and hating it. Do not face the camera straight on, as this will make you appear wider than you are. Instead, tilt your body away from the camera and turn your shoulder and heads toward it. Remember, people who are placed in the front of the photo will appear larger, so it's best to put the little ones in front. Also, keep the camera at eye level or slightly above to prevent double chins. 


You need good light to take a great picture. However, the light must be coming from the right direction. If the light is behind you, your faces will be dark and your hair will have a halo around it. Always make sure that the light is coming from the direction of the camera.

As you can see, there are several things you should consider while trying to take the perfect family Christmas card photo. If you plan ahead, though, you will have no trouble taking a beautiful photo to share with your closest friends and family.