How to Work With a Custom Clothier

Not everyone has a body that matches the standard sizes and proportions set by the clothing industry. A custom tailor can work with you to create new clothing and alter existing clothing to accommodate your body and clothing needs. Here are some ways in which you can use various custom clothiers to create and alter clothing for you.

Clothing Duplication

If you have an item of clothing that you would like to have made in another color or fabric, a tailor can create a personal pattern of your item and make another version of it for you. Additional versions of existing clothing can be very economical to have created because you will have all of the measurements and design work completed when your tailor creates a working pattern. 

Wedding and Formal Apparel

If you would like to have matching dresses or suits made for different people in a wedding party or for a formal occasion, a custom tailor can take your chosen pattern and fabric and adapt them to fit each of the different participants. You can even have a different design and/or style made for each participant so that everyone in the group will coordinate and will not be wearing duplicate outfits. 

School or Organizational Attire

A custom tailor can create identical made-to-order outfits for your school or organizational group. Each person in the group can be measured and custom fit in the design and fabric that is chosen so that all members will harmonize and coordinate with each other. 

Personalized Group Clothing

When making customized clothing for a group of individuals, each outfit can be personalized with individual monograms, as well as group icons, symbols, and text quotations. These personal touches can be embroidered directly on the fabric or existing patches and embroidered emblems can be attached to the fabric in the same place for all group members. 

Mending and Repair 

If you have antique and/or valuable clothing that has become damaged or worn, your custom tailor can mend or repair it for you so that you can continue to wear it. Many times your custom tailor will remake a section of the clothing or create an undergarment that will strengthen and hold the original clothing in place. 

Medical Accommodations 

A custom tailor can create clothing for you that will accommodate a medical device or fit your unique physical or medical condition. Your custom tailor can measure your body and your medical device and create a design that can accommodate your needs. If you are a person with a mobility impairment and uses a wheelchair, your custom tailor can devise fashionable clothing that can be easily put on and taken off when desired. 

Once you have found and established a working relationship with a custom clothier in your location, you will have unlimited choices in the clothing styles and fabrics that you can wear. This is an invaluable relationship that can assist you when buying new clothing or creating unique custom clothing. A custom clothier can even help you when you wish to create clothing gifts for your family and friends. You custom clothier can be your tailor and your assistant in many projects and become your friend for many years.