Make A Costume Look Authentic With A Matching Combat Knife

Military combat-style knives can assist with a number of tasks. Hunters and hikers may find the knives prove exceptionally helpful when out in the woods. Even those working around the house may find one of these oversized knives to be a reliable cutting tool. And then there is one overlooked benefit to a really nicely made military knife. The knife can be a great accessory for a costume. Be it worn at a Halloween party or a show in front of an audience, a costume is going to look cool when accompanied by an authentic knife.

Know That Plastic Knives Won't Cut It

Cheap looking plastic knives sold via novelty websites are not exactly sophisticated in appearance. The obviously fake look of these "rubber knives" could even greatly detract from an otherwise outstanding costume. Go with knives produced by a specialty company instead. A realistic costume is going to look much better with authentic accessories and not cheap knockoffs. The side weapon for a Three Musketeers costume should look regal. A colored plastic knife falls well short of regal and would drag a costume down. Go with the real deal.

Opt for a Non-Sharpened Edge

One understandable fear here would be the risk of being cut with the blade. When producing military knives as accessories to a costume, the manufacturer will create knives without sharpened edges. The permanently dulled knives do not present a risk of cutting anyone. If a manufacturer is selling both sharpened and dulled-edge blades, the buyer absolutely should go with the dulled knife when the intention is to wear the bladed weapon just for show. There is no reason to risk an accident when an acceptable alternative to a real edged weapon is available.

Add the Matching Sheath

A knife just can hang from a belt. That wouldn't exactly add style to a costume. A combat knife is also going to need a proper sheath when you're hoping to make a costume look perfect. The sheath should match the costume and present the right match. Dressing up in a western era costume would benefit from a knife in a buckskin or leather sheath that matches the time period. A military-styled costume also needs a matching sheath. Stallone's legendary survival knife had a sleek leather sheath in his classic Rambo movies. Hollywood costume designers know matching a knife and sheath adds to visuals. Follow a skilled designer's lead and pick an inspiring sheath.

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