Gift Basket Ideas For The Fitness Fanatic In Your Life

With the holiday season approaching, it's time to start thinking about what you want to get for loved ones. For those who are active and passionate about fitness, why not create personalized gift baskets full of things that they can use at the gym, while running, or during other similar activities? Gifts like these will show them that you understand and support their passions, and that you took the time to put thought into what you were getting for them. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Protein Powders, Energy Bars, And Supplements

If your friend spends a lot of time at the gym, lifts weights, or takes nutritional supplements like protein powder for any other reason, consider including a container or two of some new products that fit their needs. You can even create your own protein powder blends for a personal touch. Just put it into a canning jar or something similar that's airtight so that it stays fresh.

Energy bars and bites are also great options for anyone who is a fitness buff. There are a lot of commercially available products, but you can also find a lot of recipes online to make your own energy bites and bars using things like coconut butter, protein powders, and a variety of grains and seeds. Make something that packs a real nutritional punch by incorporating nut butters and cacao nibs, too.

Performance Clothing

Few things can put a damper on your workout like the wrong clothes. For optimal comfort during workouts or any other kind of activities, look for some performance wear from a place like Over Under Clothing. If you live in an area where it gets cold in the winter, long sleeve performance tees are a great gift idea. You can make a nest in the gift basket by rolling up a few of these around the outer edges.

Performance tees are great for workouts because they're designed to be breathable, and they draw sweat off the skin as well. There are many retailers out there that offer performance tees, but you can also find them at some activewear suppliers. Just make sure that what you buy is actually labeled as performance wear so that your friend or loved one reaps the benefits of the added comfort.

Fitness Trackers

If your friend is just getting into a newly active lifestyle or has set a weight loss or activity goal, adding a fitness tracker to the basket can show some real forethought. There are many different types of fitness trackers, so consider what will be the best fit for the individual's lifestyle.

For some people, a wrist-worn tracker is the best way to go. It's worn like a watch, so it's not obtrusive at all. For others, a tracker that's clipped on their belt is more convenient. Some people don't like to wear a watch or other jewelry on their wrists and hands, so consider this when you're choosing one.

You'll also want to think about whether or not the tracker requires a subscription service. If it does, think about adding a few months of the subscription to the device as part of the gift. That way, your loved one can get started right away without having to face an expense to make the most of it.

These are a few ideas that can help you get started with a gift basket for the active people in your life. Make this holiday season one to remember by creating personalized gift baskets that really reflect each person's personality and passion. For more active wear ideas, talk with a performance wear retailer near you.