3 Considerations About Buying Elastic-Cuffed Jogging Pants

One look at a professional sports team in its warmup gear tells you that athletic jogging pants with elastic cuffs are in style. This look might be new since you last bought joggers, and you may feel a little unsure about the look of this garment with its cuffs around the ankles. However, if you're in the market to buy jogging pants, it's worthwhile to consider this look. Not only will you look fashionable, but you'll also have a wide selection of such products. Here are three considerations about buying elastic-cuffed jogging pants that you'll want to keep in mind.

They Fit Snugly

You might feel as though each pair of pants that you try on is too tight, and constantly be trying to find a pair that is roomier. You need to know that this style of pants generally fits very snugly. Not only are these athletic pants tight around your ankles because of their elastic cuffs, but they're also very tight from the knee down and fairly tight from the knee up. The good news, however, is that the material is highly stretchable, so even if the pants feel tight, you won't experience any movement issues when you're wearing them.

They Ride Low

This style of pants isn't one that you'll hike up to your navel. Instead, these pants tend to be cut low, so their waistband will commonly sit a few inches below your navel. This might be a feeling that takes a period of adjustment, but you should remember that the tightness of this garment means that it's not going to fall off you, even if it initially feels as though this might be the case. In some pants of this type, the crotch of the pants sits a few inches below your body, too, which may feel a little strange at first — but remember, these pants are mobile and stylish, so you should feel comfortable about that.

You'll Want To Choose The Right Socks

Although people who wear this type of activewear may go for different looks, it's common to have some of your ankle showing. This can mean that you'll want to buy the right activewear socks at the same time. Socks that cover your ankle will interfere with the cuffs of your new pants and may look awkward. Instead, look for short socks that stop immediately above the heel. They'll expose your ankle to leave a small gap between them and your pant cuffs, which is a look that many active people try to accomplish.

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