Curating Your Wardrobe: It's Not Tailor-Made, But It's Close

Sometimes it is difficult for some women to admit that they have no fashion sense whatsoever. They throw on whatever is comfortable and available. These women know that, if they were to suddenly pass away, there is nothing in their closets that would be nice enough to wear in a coffin. If you are of this particular crowd of women, and you struggle with picking out clothing and putting it on every day, a well-curated clothing for women subscription may be exactly what you need. Here is how that would work for you.

Complete Your Online Profile

An online profile with these clothing subscription companies paints a picture of you. Your height, weight, measurements, and personal preferences for colors and patterns, in general, create a virtual picture of you. The online profile algorithm then automatically knows that you are heavyset and petite, extremely tall and athletic, etc..Given this information the program picks and chooses clothing items it thinks will look very nice on you and makes these suggestions by showing them to you like a personal shopper would.

Look Through Outfits, Instead of Individual Clothing Pieces

Since you have a difficult time making clothing selections, a women's clothing subscription offers another way for you to choose. They show you complete outfits, then they show you the pieces that make up that outfit.

You can then choose to have the entire outfit shipped to you, or you can refuse one or two pieces and have the rest of the outfit shipped to you. Some subscription companies only give you the option of receiving complete outfits with the ability to return or refuse anything you do not like. 

Eventually, you end up with entire outfits that fit you perfectly. They are patterned and colored to flatter your unique coloration and body build. They are also outfits that are perfectly curated (i.e., they are managed by someone or something else, such as a software algorithm, to be well-organized).

The Clothing Pieces You Keep Trains the Program to Pick More for You

So, now your online profile continues to change and advance with each piece of clothing you keep and each piece you send back. The software "learns" what you like and do not like and automatically adjusts to these changes. You may notice a shift in the selections that the online subscription suggests for you, which often occurs after you place items you like in your future subscription boxes or refuse items you do not want.