Going To A Reggae Festival? How To Look The Part

If you are really into reggae music, then you know that the music is all about the vibe. One of the best ways for you to bring a good vibe with you when you go to a music festival is to dress the part. But, if you have never been to one before, then you may not know what things you should wear. From a Rasta zip-up hoodie to comfortable shoes, this article will take a closer look at three things that you should consider wearing. Are you ready to learn some more? If so, then read on. 

Rasta Zip-Up Hoodie

If you are going to a festival that's outdoors, one of the best things that you can do is wear layers. Layers are perfect because if you are cold outside then you can keep them on but if it gets hot outside then you can easily peel them off. Consider getting a Rasta zip-up hoodie to wear as a top layer. Traditionally, these hoodies have Rastafarian colors on them or they even have famous Reggae artists on them like Bob Marley. The fun thing about these hoodies is that you can wear it to the festival and every day after if you work in a casual environment. 

Rasta T-Shirts

Undeathenath your Rasta Hoodie, you may as well have a Rasta t-shirt to go with it. That way, if you take off your hoodie because you are too hot, you are still showing your love for the culture and the music. Plus, you can make the t-shirt your own by either cutting off the bottom so that it's cropped or cutting off the sleeves so that it looks more like a tank top. 

Comfortable Sandals

If you normally wear dress shoes or high heels, then leave those at home. You are going to want to make sure that you show up to the festival wearing comfortable sandals because they won't just help you create a casual vibe, but they are also really comfortable. Another benefit of wearing sandals is that if it starts raining at the festival, you won't have to worry about your shoes getting ruined at all. 

Being comfortable and looking the part when you go to a festival won't just help you fit in, but it will also allow you to capture some great photos to post on social media. Keep these things in mind when you are going shopping.