Using Bug Repellent Clothing To Keep Insects Away From Your Body

If you spend a great deal of time outdoors, you know the nuisances insects can be during the warmer times of the year. To help keep bugs from biting, consider using clothing treated with bug repellent to keep you insect-free. Here are the advantages you will gain when you use treated clothing as a means of insect repellent.

Repelling Action That You Will Not Notice

Bug repellent clothing is usually treated with permethrin, which is an agent known for keeping insects like ticks, mosquitos, chiggers, and no-see-ums away. When clothing pieces are infused with this agent, there is no scent that will alert anyone you are wearing something that has been treated chemically. There is also no sticky residue left behind within the fibers of clothing treated with this substance. When you wear clothing with permethrin added, you will enjoy being able to spend time outdoors without the worry that insects will be hovering around you during your sessions.

The Chance To Upgrade Your Own Pieces

Some companies provide the service of spraying your own personal clothing pieces with insect repellent if you choose. While most insect repellent clothing companies offer an array of styles, colors, and sizes of the pieces in their product lines, you may want to upgrade a few of your favorite articles of clothing with repellent instead. Contact a reputable insect repellent clothing store online to inquire about this beneficial service. You will need to pay for the upgrade by the piece, however, businesses that partake in this service may have discounted rates if you send in several pieces of clothing at one time.

Long-Lasting Effectiveness To Provide Peace Of Mind

Most insect repellent clothing pieces or personal clothing treated with repellent will last for several washing sessions without the need for a boost. Be sure to check out individual company statements regarding the amount of time repellent is expected to perform so you have an idea about when you will need to purchase new pieces or have pieces retreated with added repellent. Refrain from wearing your insect repellent clothing during times when you know you will not be spending time outdoors. This will greatly increase the amount of time the pieces will last with working repellent action. It is also wise to cycle through treated clothing pieces rather than wearing the same pieces each time you intend on spending time outdoors where insects are known to congregate.

For more information on bug repellent clothing, contact a company near you.