Are You Trying To Boost Traffic To Your Small Business? 4 Ways To Use Custom Screen Printing As A Marketing Tool

Running a small business gives you a chance to get to know your customers. While you may love your regulars, there also comes a time when you might need to increase your efforts at attracting new people to your company. When you're already advertising through traditional means, it is time to try something new. Using custom screen printed clothing as a marketing tool provides you with these benefits for increasing traffic to your company's doors.

Rev Up Your Customer Service Strategies

Custom screen printing t-shirts is a great way to boost staff morale, which will shine through in everything they do to make a customer's experience as good as possible. You'll also find that you can use these t-shirts to help customers identify staff members. Making it easy for a new customer to locate someone who can help increases their satisfaction so that they'll be more likely to return.

Encourage Off-the-Clock Marketing

One of the benefits of custom screen printing is that you can make whatever logo you want on the shirts. Creating a fun slogan or image makes it more likely that your employees will want to wear their shirt when they aren't at work. Having your employees keep their work shirt on as they go about their off-work plans means that more people will see your brand out in the wild.

Plan Fun Social Media Promotions

Some of your customers might want to tell their friends and family about your business, but they might not think about doing it on social media platforms. Giving away a few free shirts as part of a promotion encourages your customers to take pictures while they're wearing them that will show up in their social media pages. You can also plan contests to encourage sharing online by offering a t-shirt to whoever can bring in the most referrals to your company.

Generate Positive Buzz At Charitable Events

Finally, your small business might be actively involved in your community, but no one really knows about it. Having your employees wear their shirt as they participate in volunteer events is a great way to establish positive credibility in your community. Whether your team enjoys building homes for families in need or hosts a ballgame fundraiser, giving them all t-shirts with your brand on it boosts their spirit and makes it clear that your business likes to give back by serving in ways that go beyond your normal business operations.

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