4 Tips For Buying Wholesale Dresses For Your New Shop

If you plan to open a dress shop, you'll need a large supply of dresses in different styles and colors. Buying wholesale dresses is an essential step so you can make the most profit. You can find wholesale dealers at trade shows and online. It's nice to see the dresses in person before you order, but you might find a wider selection online. Here are four tips for buying wholesale dresses.

1. Obtain A Wholesale License

Companies that sell wholesale dresses sell to other businesses. They don't sell to consumers. To prove you're a legitimate business, you'll need a wholesale license from your state. In order to obtain the license, you'll need to register your business with the state and the IRS. You'll also need to obtain an EIN number for your business, which you can do online. You'll probably be taking these steps to set your business up properly anyway if you're opening a dress shop. If so, the final step is to obtain a wholesale license so you can buy your inventory.

2. Consider Quality

When you buy from an online wholesaler, you won't know the quality of the dresses until you receive them. You may want to limit your purchases to domestic wholesalers since these are usually of better quality than cheap dresses bought overseas. However, if possible, see if you can obtain a sample of a dress so you can judge the quality for yourself. If you want your shop to sell high-quality dresses, then finding a reputable wholesaler is essential.

3. Think About Shipping Time

If you select dresses that sell fast, you want to replenish your inventory quickly. This is another reason to buy from a local or domestic wholesaler. Shipping from overseas can be unreliable and it can sometimes take months. Be sure to factor in shipping time when you're selecting your wholesale dresses. If you sell through mail order or online, your customers will expect fast shipping, and they may become unhappy with you and leave bad reviews if it takes a long time to get their order.

4. Learn About The Terms

When you buy from a wholesaler you meet at a trade show or from an online wholesaler, you'll want to know their terms. Some may have a minimum quantity you need to buy. If you have a small shop, you might not be able to meet the minimum. Some wholesalers target chain stores and may not be a good match for you. Some wholesalers may lower the price when you make larger orders. You may still be able to buy smaller quantities from them, but you might have to pay more per dress.