How to Work With a Custom Clothier

Not everyone has a body that matches the standard sizes and proportions set by the clothing industry. A custom tailor can work with you to create new clothing and alter existing clothing to accommodate your body and clothing needs. Here are some ways in which you can use various custom clothiers to create and alter clothing for you. Clothing Duplication If you have an item of clothing that you would like to have made in another color or fabric, a tailor can create a personal pattern of your item and make another version of it for you.

Personalized Christmas Cards 101: 4 Tips For Taking A Perfect Photo For Your Cards

Christmas is a holiday of traditions. One of the most widely-held traditions that's practiced by families all over is the act of gathering together as a family to take the Christmas card photo. If you've taken family Christmas photos before, you know it never goes quite the way you think it's going to. Unless you have a professional photographer in the family, getting a perfect photo that everyone can agree on can seem like an impossible feat.

3 Tips For A Rainy Day Hike

Rainy weather does not necessarily mean plans to go hiking should be cancelled. What it does mean that you need to take extra precautions to stay dry and safe while enjoying your time outside. Here are some tips for preparing for a rainy day hike.   Choose the Right Rain Jacket Your rain jacket is possibly one of the most important items you will use on a rainy day hike. It needs to provide adequate protection from the rain, but also not be too heavy or stifling.

Daddy-Daughter Outfit Ideas For Halloween

If you're a dad hoping to find coordinating Halloween costumes for you and your daughter to enjoy together, you might be in for a challenge. When "mommy and me" outfits are easy to find, it can be frustrating for dads who also want to connect with their daughter by matching. Here are some ideas that can help you to make some great daddy-daughter combos. 1. Match character themes. Instead of dressing exactly alike, try pairing with your daughter by following the costumes of famous characters.

Sweet Styles For Southern Gals This Summer

If you live in the South, you may find that many pieces of your summer wardrobe carry you through all year long. This makes it worthwhile to invest in a few fashion staples that you can wear any season, summer through winter, in the mild Southern climate. It pays to buy these pieces: Denim always works. Denim is great in the South, and everyone is wearing it. First, it is durable enough for working in the yard year-round, while cute denim skirts, skorts, and dresses can be accessorized to wear out for a night on the town.